A Letter from the Future on the Fate of EXT Managers

A Letter from the Future on the Fate of EXT Managers

June 12, 2017

Dear Aspiring and Future Us,

If you are reading this now, that means this letter has successfully reached the past. Time travel does get invented in the near future, but we’re not actually sure how the whole thing works (it’s still pretty cool though). Anyway, if the time machine worked this time, this should be around the time that you are beginning to discern whether the External Affairs Department (EXT) is right for you.

No need to worry about all the “what-ifs.” We gotchu. Here are ten things for you to know about your future selves in EXT, a department that is all about relationships. ahem

1. In EXT, you will find love whether you like it or not.

EXT is fIlled with events where you’ll meet all sorts of people. You will represent Celadon in a lot of AFiCS (Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students) events and you will be immersed in our outreach community, as you meet and have fun with the people there. You’ll get to work with your core teams, co-managers, EBs, and fun volunteers. You will meet many people in EXT and one of them might just be the one.

2. And you will learn how to make the first move, how to wait, and at times, how to reject.

As a representative of Celadon, you will also get to interact with a lot of people. Yes, that means talking to them and making new friends!

With your awesome calling card (℅ COMM), you will initiate the most interesting relationships, but you will also have to see if your potential partner reciprocates. It’s always hard to keep on giving when you don’t receive anything back in return, or to be approached by a potential partner who is just not right for you. Accept that this is how things will be in EXT.

3. But you might just find your match.

There will be so many options, and you might just find your match.  Para sa mga naghahanap ng kaconnect… AFiCS. Para sa mga namimiss ang nakaraan… AG. Para sa mga feeling nila ‘di sila amazing enough… BAR. Para sa mga nawawalan ng landas… Paragon. Para sa mga gustong magpakabait… Celadon REACH.

4. But you will never be alone.

Despite the challenges, you can always count on EXT UBEs (Ultimate Bonding Experiences) to be fun and invigorating. You will grow closer with the EXT EB and your fellow managers. You’ll never feel alone because you’ll always have a family to come back to, an EXTraodinary and EXTremely supportive one.

5. In fact, you will be surrounded by people who care.

Your EXT family will probably be one of the most eccentric bunch you’ll ever meet. EXT welcomes everyone. It won’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert (or anything in between), as long as you’re you and you’re passionate and committed to what you’ll do. One thing you can be sure of is that your EXT family will care for you.  There will be times they might bug you about how you’re doing and how you’re really doing. They will talk about never-ending hugots, share their sawing love life, and crack the corniest jokes you’ll ever hear. But you’ll eventually grow to love the EXT family for all its quirks and cheesiness.  

6. And you will learn how to build better relationships.

You will learn how to coordinate and manage relationships that will help you in life—not just personal ones, but also partnerships between organizations. There may be pain and rejection for you waiting at the end of every relationship you try to build, but you’ll learn from them and come out stronger than ever.

7. You won’t visit Taiwan, but TAIWAN WILL VISIT YOU.

Part of you experience as managers will be meeting international students for EXT work. You will meet students of Soochow University (東吳大學) who are Celadon’s friends from Taiwan. You’ll get to meet them and know more about their life in Taiwan.

8. The past will never be just a past, but a bridge to a better future.

Hugots won’t be enough in EXT. Some of you will put an action to things. Some of you will have the courage to do something about your issues with the past with which you or the entire EXT can’t move on from. And, isn’t the past exactly a crucial part of relationships? In EXT, you will find closure with the past, grow with the present and together, build a brighter future.

9. You will be remembered, always.

There is a reason why AG is under EXT, and it’s because EXT always remembers. EXT knows that the past, present and future are equally vital in the sustainability of relationships. In EXT, you will be remembered, appreciated and loved not only by the department, but also by the people and organizations that you have built ties with. You will be part of a family, and you won’t be forgotten—not even when your birthday is during a hell week or a holiday.

10. And last, but definitely not the least, you will have annoyingly awesome EBs to love you even more. <3

Himig, Benson and Leyah will always be there for you, and they will love you in the best way they can.
You will see Himig’s landi side, how he can twist his thumbs, how he liked the Green Lantern live-action movie and how he sometimes dances, and he dances really, really well. He also coaches the PCC Pep Squad for drumming. He has only ever liked one person who is younger than him, hmm. Also, he doesn’t like waffles and pancakes. Remember that.
You’ll also get to meet the ever-so approachable Benson. He likes group activities and will always have a fun one in mind anytime a GD is needed! Being the sawi person that he is, Benson likes talking about relationships. He’ll love to listen to your sawi stories anytime (successful love stories are also welcomed).
Leyah loves giving hugs and sharing kwentos. Despite her reserved countenance, she can get really bubbly. She is particularly fond of using and learning English and Mandarin, and she enjoys different forms of literature in these languages. If you need someone to listen to your stories and your rants, she’s always ready to lend an ear.
This trio will see to it that you get the best experience in EXT. If you become an EXT manager, prepare for non-stop kwentuhans and some serious work, of course.
There are a lot more in store for you. We who persevered never once regretted our time in EXT. And we want you to feel the same way too.


EXT Managers 2016-2017

The EXT EB is yet to release an official statement regarding the letter. However, in an interview, they said they highly encourage aspiring EXT managers to message any of the EXT EB for concerns. Finally, the EXT EB wishes the aspirants all the best in their discernment and application process.
From (legit) the External Affairs Department of ‘16-’17: Himig Marcos, Benson Tan, and Leyah Dizon.

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