3 Stops on the DOCPUB Express
Elements Staffers 15-16.

3 Stops on the DOCPUB Express

Hello traveller! If you are reading this now, you might be considering to hop on to the DOCPUB Express, but what’s in for you when you ride with us? Let’s check our itinerary.

First Stop: Self-Improvement

As DOCPUB Managers, it’s a guarantee that when you end your journey with us, you’ll be better in your craft whether it is in writing and editing articles, taking pictures, designing and developing websites, organizing events and anything under the sun. You’ll get a chance to be better with your current toy(s) such as Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom, WordPress, HTML/CSS and we’ll also introduce new ones such as Adobe InDesign/InCopy, PHP for you to be better at your craft.

Second Stop: Mentoring

Congratulations! You’re better in your craft, but that does not end there. As DOCPUB Managers, you’ll also train other people in how to improve their craft too. Let it be a budding writer who has trouble consolidating his ideas, a potential photographer who wants to learn how to use a real SLR, or a CS student who wants to gets a glimpse of the industry he’ll be in the future, you’ll help him or her become better in her craft or learn the ropes in her chosen craft.

Last Stop: Memories

As we approach the final stop and prepare to disembark, it’s now time for you to create and share memories. You can opt to start humble by capturing the memories made in Celadon events, or be adventurous and make memories of your current surroundings. You may also want to share memories for others to reminiscence in the years to come. Also, if you’re brave enough, what about helping a potential Atenean have fond memories of Ateneo which may help him decide on his future path?

If you do hop along with us, we can promise you that you’ll have a magical ride. So why not join us? It’s going to be an exciting one.

From the Documentations and Publications Department of ‘16-’17: Joshua Koa, Mark Yu and Robert Cuartero.

Written by Robert Cuartero.

Download the Manager’s Application Kit here: bit.ly/ManagerApps1617

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