The Wrap-Up The Manager Spark series was initiated by the Celadon EB with its main goal to help inform Celadoneans of the remarkably different departments that make up the organization. Over the last few days, each unique departmental article was shared introducing members to its quirks, values, and essence. On behalf of the entire Executive […]

FIN Accounts More than just money   You think FIN, you think money. You make the money so that everyone else can spend the money. Our thrust? Financial efficiency. Financial awareness. Every year, we have the best set of managers spearheading the various efforts of the department. As project managers, you are the lifeblood of […]

Remember the Giant Dice in Sec-Walk or the Lion and Dragon dance that went around the school? How about the prizes, games, and free food in Zen Garden? Did you know that all those wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the Cultural Affairs department?   The Cultural Affairs department, CUL for short, is […]

El-em-ents-O-P The alphabet to learning all things DocPub A-B-C-ic Overview  You may know the Documentations and Publications Department through its yearly magazine called the Elements Magazine. However, we are more than just the magazine. We are the group of people behind the behind-the-scenes of most projects, documenting and helping out in promoting the event. We […]

We Want You in CORREL! Written by Nicole Tiu and Selena So Photography by Steph Sayson, EG Dizon, & Tinoley Photography   Welcome, aspiring managers, to Corporate Relations, also known as CORREL! Our department involves erseaps of office work – no doubt about that. Sure, we need to research on companies, contact them, follow-up, draft contracts, […]

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