My Dear Managers: A Letter from Outgoing President, EG Dizon

My Dear Managers: A Letter from Outgoing President, EG Dizon

My dear managers,

As we celebrated our 30th year, Ateneo Celadon was moving toward the direction of family. As an organization, our way of sharing and enriching our cultural identity was by identifying how important and central the values of unity and community are to our Chinese-Filipino culture. And that was exactly what we did this year. Through the combined effort of our Executive Board, you, our managers, and of course our members, we were able to reach Celadon’s goal of being a family to the people within and beyond our organization. We reached our goal. We succeeded.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for a job well done. Since your selection and attendance to the Managers FormSem, I already felt that this year’s batch of managers would be special. I saw a family being built very early on. And it warms my heart to see that throughout the school year, all of you were united in supporting each others projects and efforts. You may not have noticed it, but you played a very important part in making Celadon an even better organization. Truly, your efforts did not go to waste. I can only say thank you for making the 30th year awesome.

As I end my year as your president, I cannot help but be filled with gratitude. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to work and bond with you guys. As I have said earlier, you guys have done an amazing job in keeping the org and its culture alive and blossoming. Beyond the work however, there is friendship. And it is this special bond that we have shared that I will truly cherish. Although the year and my term has officially ended, know that the story does not end there. The story of friendship and camaraderie lives on through the laughs we’ve shared, the games we’ve played, and the hangouts enjoyed.

My dear friends, I pray that you keep the love for our culture burning. Know that there are no true endings, only mere see you agains. I look forward to seeing you guys again somehow somewhere. My heart goes to all of you.

This is EG Dizon, Celadon President 2015-2016, signing out.

Truly yours,

EG Dizon(黃少文)
Ateneo Celadon 2015-2016

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