Seven UNFORGETTABLE and MEMORABLE Celadon Experiences

Seven UNFORGETTABLE and MEMORABLE Celadon Experiences

Written by Aaron S. Medina

The 35th founding anniversary of Ateneo Celadon on June 11 will be a very big milestone indeed! Leaders, academics, writers, artists, doctors, businesspeople, and innumerable others have been formed in one way or another by experiences in Celadon, the premiere Chinese-Filipino organization of the Ateneo de Manila University. 

Countless memories have been made over the years, memories which will forever be cherished in the hearts of those who experienced them. Many more will be made, for sure!

For now, though, let us take a look at and celebrate seven unforgettable, memorable, and distinctly Celadonean things that happen in the org. Without further ado, here they are:

Tikoy, hofan, dumplings… A SEC-Field Lauriat #CNY

What’s cool is that the Chinese New Year Festival is open to absolutely everyone! “As strange as it may sound, the entire experience made me realize the “power” of food,” said Jermaine Wong, who co-headed the food committee of the most recent CNY. “I have never seen so many strangers as drawn to a random event than those who heard a promise of free food.” Indeed, food has been very effective in culture sharing!

You’ve had an ever-cute and yet ever-elusive cela-crush (hayzzzz) 🙃

Yes, dear reader, this refers to YOU. Don’t feel ashamed because it’s completely normal! “[I]t’s also very exciting because you can plan around the projects on how you can interact with them more and make the moves,” said Janela Gaw, a Celadon Associate Vice President for AY 2020-2021. It is the org’s ardent hope, though, that all Celadoneans make friends and connect with non-Celadoneans as well! 

BUT WAIT, it’s February, back to cela-crush! 

Yes, February is Rose Sale month! This project has been around since (at least) the 1990s and it’s still going strong today! If you’re wondering, Rose Sale back then and Rose Sale today are still quite similar. According to a 1999 issue of Chinoy Magazine (now Elements Magazine): “Common reactions were long sighs from the girls… culminating in the profuse blushing of the girl being serenaded.” Even back then the Celadon culture of student interaction was quite interesting!  

“AHHH 11:55PM NA!!!!”

Ah, those really long core team applications! Familiar? Almost everyone has to go through apps to join projects. Aspiring Executive and Central Board members, as well as managers, need to go through apps, too. No matter what’s being applied to, though, cramming seems to be the common denominator. Though it isn’t recommended—the laptop might just hang when you need it to—cramming and finishing the apps still shows dedication, a key aspect the org tries to instill in its members.

A sea of Celadoneans wearing red 

Red semi-formal, that is! A week-long, high-profile Ateneo Leong Center and Celadon event held mostly in the EDSA Shangri-la Plaza, the Spring Film Festival is held around Chinese New Year. “Arts such as Chinese movies, choir, and calligraphy are not something easily accessible so we use SFF as an avenue to share this part of our culture to everyone,” said Ryan Chua, a manager of last January’s SFF. Indeed, thousands of people from different walks of life who visit the event witness Celadon’s culture sharing advocacy in action!

“TARA, Pop Up!!”

It’s a Friday night (cue “Friday” by Rebecca Black) and the tiring Celadon workshop you attended just finished. Dinner’s next on the list! Restaurants are suggested. Regis? Had lunch there. Shakey’s? We don’t have the budget! Cello’s? Deins, we want dinner. And the inevitable is said: “Pop Up, g?” Just to be clear, this listicle doesn’t condone indecent behavior and irresponsible drinking. But you have to admit it: Pop Up trips, and having meals together in general, promote student unity, one of the main goals of the org!

You gain friends… who become family 

And this is what can last for a lifetime. Projects come and go. Our friends, co-managers, co-core team members, and maybe even our cela-crushes, however, will hopefully always be around for you, one chat away when you need them. 

Dear reader, don’t feel left out if you haven’t experienced any of these! Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a lot of activities in store for you. That’s a promise. 

If you’re a non-member, I, together with my fellow Executive and Central Board members, hope to personally welcome you in August or September!

Lastly, dear reader, believe that good can come out from even the most terrible of circumstances. We just need to open our eyes to see those good things. We may no longer do what we’ve been doing in the org, but we’re creative; we’ll make a completely different set of memories! Won’t that be an even greater thing? 

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