Hey there, Celadonean! A Message from the President

Hey there, Celadonean! A Message from the President

Hey there, Celadonean!

If you’re reading this, then you’re already one step closer to being a leader in this organization.

You might wonder why you should even invest in an organization such as Celadon. There is often this misconception that is prevalent in even our own membersthat culture isn’t important or a priority at all. The belittling of this inherent part of society, culture, is embedded with the mentality that it doesn’t contribute to anything concrete. Its conceptuality, however, is a strength.

What makes a Celadonean leader different from the rest? A prime on values. As an organization that embodies Chinese-Filipino values such as sensitivity and openness, we facilitate the process of being a united communitya family.

If your main worry is that you’re not “Chinese” enough, don’t be bothered by it. Although we uphold having a deep understanding and identification with the Chinese-Filipino socio-cultural heritage, this knowledge can be familiar to anyone, as culture is all around us. Culture is us, as it is a way of life and a way of relating to others.

Let us all come together and step up to not just become leaders of this organization but rather, advocates. And as an organization, we can foster nationhood through culture sharing. Through this, we can bridge cultural gaps and become a nation that celebrates not just the similarities, but also differences.

One nation. One family. One Celadon.  

From the President of ‘16-’17: Stephanie Sayson.

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