The Great Celadon Ball

The Great Celadon Ball

Stepping into Ateneo Celadon’s annual ball this year can be likened to entering one of Gatsby’s extravagant parties in the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic. Held on the night of March 27 in Ayala Hillside Estates, the Celadon Ball was the year-ender no Celadonean should have missed.

Black, white, and gold – the people arrived in the colors of the event. Ladies dolled up in curls and dresses, while the men were clad in dashing suits.

The program began with an ice breaker and moved on to a game for couples that spurred cheers from the crowd and a dance performance by the Celadoncers to the song “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit as the people ate dinner.

Winners of the night included the Best Dressed, Jerwin Ting and Jasmine Yiu, the Best Couple, Jesse Lui and Jamielyn Ty, and the King and Queen of the Night, the Great Gatsby and the Lovely Daisy, Eugene Andojoyan and Faith Ong.

The ball culminated into the yearly tradition of the executive board (EB) performing a dance. The “EB dance” featured the incoming officers of each department dancing to the song of their choice that led to a collective one, signifying that each department works for the whole of the organization.

An oath-taking and a passing of responsibilities followed as the old EB gave their wishes and reminders for the incoming year and lighted the candles held by the new Top 9 members of the EB.

Music by popular artists played to close the night, letting loose the attendees to dance to the rhythm.

“The best part was definitely the EB dance. It was a passing of the torch of sorts, with an extra dance-y vibe”, Joel Lim shared. “I found Celadon Ball to be surprisingly fun, especially since I reunited with old friends and met new ones. It’s the closest we’ve ever been as an org, and I hope we attract more members next year so we can share these experiences with them.”

Mark Yu added, “Celadon Ball was fun. I got [the chance] to [bond and] talk with a lot more people than I wouldn’t have otherwise. EB Dance was great actually, better than I expected.”

“Kudos to [the core team] and what a great event to end our strong 29th year,” outgoing President Aldrin Chua, expressed, “The Celadon Ball to me each year is really a momentous event. It caps of the end of a great year and signals the start of the upcoming year with a renewed set of officers.”

At the end of the event, what makes it memorable is seeing the bittersweet goodbyes of the outgoing officers and the induction of the incoming ones as they act as one in bringing the organization to a higher level of excellence.

Faith Ong is secretly a mermaid at night, who is fond of swimming through a sea of Korean glitz and glamour, city lights, and the human history, devouring interesting stories while at it. She hopes that her words, once spoken or written, will create ripples in every sea.

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