5 Perks of Being In CORREL

5 Perks of Being In CORREL

Celadon has continuously enjoyed countless benefits from its partner-sponsors–from having the best Privilege Card on campus to the many awesome freebies it gives away during its projects.

But have you ever wondered what makes the whole thing tick? Look no further! Below are some of the unique perks and experiences of being in CORREL.

1st Perk: Networks and Connections

They say being Chinese is usually associated with having a lot of connections, which oftentimes means knowing the right people at the right time and in the right places. But what if you feel like you don’t really know anyone? CORREL gotchu! With our database of over 200+ sponsors, we’ll be sure to hook you up not only with your Celacrush, but also professionals from the corporate world too!

2nd Perk: You Can Start the Game on “Easy” Mode

Were you ever scared that getting sponsorships for CORREL would be too difficult? Why not start with the Privilege Card? With already established ties between the establishment and Celadon from the previous years, you get a taste of CORREL work without the strain of starting from scratch. Plus, we’ll surely be there to guide you along the way!

3rd Perk: The Privilege Card is Your Mini-Trophy You Can Bring Anywhere

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when people mention Celadon? The Elements Privilege Card of course! Going ever stronger with more than 900+ partners, its branding instantly makes it recognizable to just about anyone. And not only will you receive physical proof of your hard work, you’ll also be able to share it with others – to each and every one of Celadon’s 800+ members!

4th Perk: Help Us Help You!

Because of the Privilege Card, you will now have not just one, not just two, but a whole lot more favorite restaurants along Katipunan. But why stop there? Maybe you have this great restaurant in Banawe you’d love to get a discount to. Or perhaps a family friend that’s about to open a new pizza joint. Help us help you! Nothing can ever compare to that triumphant feeling you get after getting the restaurant owner to say yes. And especially when you see your fellow Celadoneans enjoying awesome discounts all because of you!

5th Perk: You Are A Free Elf

As much as we love each other, a lot of relationships fail because one or the two people aren’t ready to commit yet. CORREL understands that, and we’re here to make it easier for you! Unlike other departments, you are given the freedom and flexibility to choose the next path you want to take on after you get trained with a solid understanding of CORREL. We don’t restrict our privilege card and marketing core into a ‘pool’ throughout the year. But if you come to find that you love CORREL as much we did, we would love to have you on-board for the rest of the year!

From the Corporate Relations Department of ’16-’17: Alexander Españo, Clarissa Chua, and Selena So.

Written by Alexander Españo.

Poster by Shannen Pua.

Deadline: June 18, 2016, 12:00 p.m.
Applications: http://bit.ly/PrivCardCoreApps1617
Interviews: http://bit.ly/PrivCardIC
Inquiries: Selena So (0923 730 9015)

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