COMM Part 1: What You Can Do with a Bed

COMM Part 1: What You Can Do with a Bed

Yep, what can we say? We just love beds, especially the things you can do with them. 😉 We don’t wanna brag but, we’re kind of known for our… prowess with… the things we do with them. We’re probably best known for –

Fixing the bed

Mhmm, we just love fixing beds, making it look neat, clean, and just so pretty! We bring all kinds of organizational promotions to life, making everything just oh so fabulous!

Of course, we’re not all about being clean; we also like to –

Get it dirty

It’s not all about getting the bed clean and neat; we want to make a COMMotion! We want to bring people something that stands out of the dull background of the everyday life, something that will definitely be memorable!

Through our skills with beds, we’re usually able to –

Getting others in bed

We know what you’re thinking 😉 Yes, when you have company over, and the bed just looks so much more appealing… you’d want to stay on the bed while you guys just talk! We always want to make the bed look so beautiful, unique, and memorable, that people would want to get on it – making promotions so nice, people would get in whatever’s being promoted!

As awesome as we are though, we always still try to improve on ourselves! It’s important to keep trying on –

Learning how to do those

It’s always even better for the bed if you learn how to make it more and more appealing! That’s why we want to be able to train our members to maximize their potential!

Alright, what you can do in bed that you’ve been waiting for…

Have fun 😉

And what’s the most fun thing you can do in bed? 😉 Yes, it starts with an “S” 😉 You got it! “Sleep!” Sleep helps us relax gets rid of stress! We care about the health of our members and making healthy relationships! As much as we like to do our jobs, we also very much love to have fun!

So hey, if you wanna have some fun too, and if you like what we showed you, we’ll be very glad to have you in bed with us 😉

Deadline: June 19, 11:59 p.m.

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