PrUTAs Ka: A Letter to EXT Managers

PrUTAs Ka: A Letter to EXT Managers

External Affairs Department is just like a fruit basket—it’s filled with a diverse selection of fruits (people) that may be soft and hard, sweet and sour, small and big. But nevertheless, something worthwhile to try and reach out to.

Jong – Grapes. Grapes are the symbol of chill. Like when Egyptian pharaohs are portrayed in media, their servant always feeds them grapes. That’s how chill Jong is of his life. When everyone panics, his chill is intoxicating.

Justine – Apple. Always bright red (nuks blooming), shiny, and happy. Also a common favorite (go crush ng bayan).

Sab – Cherry. Cute and small, sweet, and always placed on top as the perfect topping.

Benson – Calamansi. Although he has a twin, is very different in many ways from him, as like Calamansi and Dalandan are. A jack of all trades with a variety of skills, like how a calamansi can be a part of toyomansi, or a drink, or even a parlour game.

Andre – Strawberry. Also seen as the passionate fruit (yes, not passion fruit), Andre as a strawberry can swoon you with his wide musical talents. Also, much like strawberry, Andre goes well with a lot of others as his extrovertedness makes your conversations with him always thrilling.

Nicole – Peach. Nicole screams pink! And so do peaches. Peaches give this happy and chill vibe, much like how Nicole is, always doing everything with her sweet smile.

Jao – Orange. Orange like the fruit or the color? Confusing right? Just like how Jao always seems to be confused, but in a cute and rather charming way. Jao can be both the fruit orange and the color orange as he is very flexible and is willing to take on any task that is needed of him.

Kat – Dragonfruit. Strong and intimidating on the outside, but a sweetheart at her core.

Lean – Mango. The symbol of Externals as much as mango is the symbol of the Philippines. Being in Externals for the past three years, Lean really has been embodying Externals. Also, mango is a popular fruit to a lot, much like how Lean is popular, maybe even notorious among his friends. He never fails to bring a smile to your face.

Bryant – Pineapple. Because of his hair, but also of his strong flavor that might surprise you if you’re not familiar with it (remember your first time eating a pineapple). Also, have you heard that pineapples are poisonous when unripe? So maybe that is a metaphor for how a good relationship with Bryant needs time and understanding to ripen it.

Dickson – Banana. BANANA like DICKson (HAHA we love you) Dickson is one of those you feel is distant and all but when you PEEL his exterior of being maangas and fencing varsity, you’ll see that he is a nice and caring guy who you’ll love to have kuwentuhan with.

So PrUTAs kayong lahat. And we love you. Thank you for being you <3

Written by Stephanie Sayson, Himig Marcos, and Kimberly Ang

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