Give Love on Valentine’s

Give Love on Valentine’s

The love in the air cannot go unnoticed during Valentine’s Day especially with all the shout-outs and posts popping out on social media, may it be sugary sweet or extra cheesy. In this season of hearts, Ateneo Celadon joins in the excitement with its annual Rose Sale fundraiser, which took place from February 13–14 this year.

Besides red, pink, and white roses, and stuffed toys, the organization now offered beautiful red tulips. A well-prepared harana team was also ready if ever you needed to swoon that special someone. The whole event not only catered to couples, but to the single ladies and gentlemen too, to share the love throughout the whole Ateneo community.

Students crowded around the Doghouse on the event’s first day to get their share of the season. Couples bought flowers or plushies for their significant other. Others opted to admire from afar and anonymously give flowers to their crushes. Courageous ones decided to confess their feelings with a song accompanied by the harana team.

This sale also attracted faculty members and staff. “Para sa asawa ko ang rose na ito (these roses are for my wife),” a male professor proclaimed as he clutched a red rose or two. A female staff member also got some for her coworkers. A number also got tokens as gifts of friendship to their besties.

It did not take long for the bustling at the sale to intensify. The requests rapidly built up. The volunteers worked on multiple bouquets, wrapped them in designed plastic, textured paper, and ribbon, until they were ready for delivery. They insisted on delivering the requests no matter how far the venue may be. Their contagious concern for their clients on Valentine’s day made everything a whole lot brighter.

Project heads Julienne Khoo and Bryant Lee recall the operations during those two days.

“[It] would not have been possible without the volunteers and the core team. The operations was crazy since a lot of people only got the courage to give flowers to their special someone at the last minute,” she said.

Lee also agreed, “The last minute decisions made the operations really crazy with all of our core team members and volunteers running around. [In the end,] all for love naman ‘di ba?”

Interviewing a member of the harana team, Andre Tan shared, “I’m honored to have taken part in spreading the love with my six steel strings. Surprise, joy, embarrassment and awkwardness [were] delightfully concocted for Valentine’s Day.”

“Just seeing the smiles of the people when they got their roses, or got serenaded by the harana team made me feel happy since I got to help them in creating their happy moments. And their happy moments are also a part of mine,” says core team member Robert Cuartero.

It is clear how love comes in different forms. May it be between a couple or close friends. From familiar faces to secret admirers; family, friends, coworkers; young and old; single or taken—love can be shared by anybody. That’s what Valentine’s is about, after all. And, the Rose Sale has just proven how infectious a love bug’s bite can be.

Written by Chelsea Amin

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