What You Know and Don’t Know About the 14 PUB Managers

What You Know and Don’t Know About the 14 PUB Managers

The Publications Department (’15-’16) has been known as Introvert RePUBlic. Get to know the fourteen individuals and decide for yourself!

Photo by AMS.

The Dandiest (Dann Dy)

What you know: The guy who appears to help out in random moments, with a calm and collected demeanor that can quip witty thoughts on-the-fly.

What you don’t know: His laugh is always with a puff of air. He currently has a source of inspiration that proves that he is certainly one dandy Dann Dy.


The MVP (Joel Lim)

What you know: He’s got a hat ever since college (the story of which may come to you on another day).

What you don’t know: He’s a huge movie junkie (especially when it comes to superhero flicks). His attention to detail is keen for social situations and for articles, making him a snappy social quipper and a meticulous section editor.

Photo by Lance Lim.

The Mysterious (Lance Lim)

What you know: He has a quiet exterior.

What you don’t know: He has an interest in learning languages like German. He is very active online in a Reddit support group, and he writes fan-fiction and edits scripts online from time-to-time. He drums too!

Photo by Leyah Dizon.

The Panda Lover (Leyah Dizon)

What you know: She’s fluent in Mandarin and Hokkien, and she participates in ACLC and Gawad Kalinga.

What you don’t know: She prefers J-Drama to K-Drama, pulled off a speed dating game with Strikethrough volunteers, and is also very fond of historical fiction.

Photo by Faith Ong.
Photo by Faith Ong.

Marella, because you’re already too fab~ (Marella Lozada)

What you know: She’s very passionate about Miriam Defensor-Santiago and social issues.

What you don’t know: She likes authors along the lines of Charlotte Brontë and Louis Sachar, and she’s an avid anime watcher of shows like Fate/stay night, and Humanity has Declined.

Photo by Belrica Ma.
Photo by Belrica Ma.

MaMa (Mieko Ma)

What you know: She can tap into her innate chill pill to calmly handle tough situations.

What you don’t know: She once spent some time in Indonesia as a volunteer abroad. She also volunteered for the APEC Summit and toured Koreans.


Matt Yu (forgive usss, Mark!)

What you know: Our ever-passionate photographer, with a constant burst of energy. The partner-in-crime of Quimbe Dy.

What you don’t know: He’s ⅓ of the Yu triplets with Matt Yu and Abby Yu. (Don’t you see the resemblance?) He’s also a Marvel fan, and he loves to teach.

Photo by Joshua Cheng.
Photo by Joshua Cheng.

HELLOOOO (Quimbe Dy)

What you know: Her iconic greet has been copied all over the org, but it’s nothing compared to when she says it. The partner-in-crime of Mark Yu.

What you don’t know: She cares a lot for social causes, and she loves Japanese food. She has also gone to the wild (but that’s another story).

Photo by Alyssa Yu.

L (Eliza Cua)

What you know: You can find her donning a Pokemon-inspired outfit, or putting up sketches of Pokémon and Undertale online.

What you don’t know: She’s a founding member of BLINK, the team that brought you Uy! Si Crush! She’s also one of the few extroverts in the department.

Photo by Kat Olaguer.

Max (Maxine Olaguer)

What you know: She’s one of those who developed the look and feel of Elements Magazine this year, to a whole new level.

What you don’t know: Her sister is a jewelry designer, and Max herself going to become a designer of her own right.

Photo by Robyn Cheng.

Alyyyy (Alyssa Cheng)

What you know: She often comes to the sandwich place at the New Rizal Library for brunch.  

What you don’t know: She occasionally comes to the org room and would be happy to take you on either a sabaw conversation or a game of Mahjong.

Photo by Judy Sy.
Photo by Judy Sy.

Juday (Judy Sy)

What you know: The quiet Logistics Head for Binondo Amazing Race.

What you don’t know: Among the gorgeous men of K-pop group, EXO, former member Luhan is her bae. (She also really likes math!)

Photo by Pau Era.
Photo by Pau Era.

PEra (Pau Era)

What you know: She really likes anime, cats, and dark humor.

What you don’t know: She’s interested in deep topics surrounding core subjects, and she loves to draw in her spare time.

Photo by Robert Cuartero.
Photo by Robert Cuartero.

Papa Robs (Robert Cuartero)

What you know: He’s the Associate Editor for the A.Y. ’14-’15 Elements issue, and he helped develop the website.

What you don’t know: He watches Descendants of the Sun, listens to Coldplay and Linkin Park, and develops websites outside Celadon from time-to-time. He really likes football too!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the ride with us this year! <3

Written by Cheng (Joshua Cheng) and Faithy (Faith Ong)

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