#ElementsCertified: Top 5 Vegan Chinese Dishes to Try

#ElementsCertified: Top 5 Vegan Chinese Dishes to Try

Written by Francheska Tan
Edited by Jo Prieto Ng and Leanne Sy

Vegan Dishes seem to be on trend lately, and the top reasons are that they are healthy and sustainable. As the Chinese New Year approaches, here are some Vegan Chinese Dishes you could try. 

Vegetable Dumplings

蔬菜饺子 (Shūcài jiǎozi)

Pork dumplings are old news, and sharksfin dumplings are… Well, think of the poor sharks. Instead, try out some colorful veggies and hearty mushrooms! Vegetable dumplings may not be as filling as their meat-based counterparts, but they’re just as delicious! 

  • Where to buy Vegetable Dumplings in Metro Manila?
    • Lan Zhou La Mien (Benavidez St, Manila, City of Manila)
    • Ying Ying Tea House (Dasmariñas St., Binondo (at Yuchengco St.))
Photo Courtesy of Food52

Vegan Mapo Tofu

纯素麻婆豆腐 (Chún sù má pó dòufu)

All the way from Sichuan, China, we have mapo tofu! Its distinct flavor comes from chili oil, fermented broad bean paste, and fermented black beans. But vegan mapo tofu is a healthy step above! It features vegetable oil, Sichuan peppercorn, scallion, black bean garlic sauce, minced garlic, and ginger… Flavorful AND healthy!

  • Where to buy Vegan Mapo Tofu in Metro Manila?
    • Daily Veggie n Cafe (Quezon City, Metro Manila)
    • Greenery Kitchen (2078 E.Pascua, Kasilawan, Makati City)
Photo Courtesy of NYT Cooking 

Vegetable Chow Mein

蔬菜炒面 (Shūcài chǎomiàn)

Pay attention, because I’m about to tell you what the perfect noodle dish is. Are you ready? Vegetable chow mein. Think about it: garlic, red bell pepper, cabbage, mushrooms, onion, and white pepper—all sauteed to perfection. Some versions of this dish even spice it up with vinegar, syrup, and gluten-free soy sauce or tamari to spice it up. Sometimes, it’s even topped with TOFU. That’s some gastronomic paradise right there.

  • Where to buy Vegetable Chow Mein in Metro Manila? 
    • Panda Express (Multiple Branches, Grab Food) 
    • Super Bowl of China (Multiple Branches, foodpanda) 
Photo Courtesy of JackSlobodian

Vegan Bao Buns

纯素包子 (Chún sù bāozi)

“Bao” in Chinese means “to package.” And, just like any other package, these buns are PACKing some great flavors. Vegan bao buns have spicy-sweet jackfruit filling, seasoned with hoisin sauce, and loaded with mushrooms, carrots, green onions, ginger, and garlic. They can be served in two ways: steamed buns with stuffed filling, or steamed flat buns. Either way, it’s delicious!

  • Where to buy Vegan Bao Buns in Metro Manila?
    • Wabi-Sabi Noodle House and Vegetarian Grocery (UG-4 MCS Fernando, Makati Cinema Square, Fernando St, cor Chino Roces Ave, Makati, Metro Manila)
    • Wabi-Sabi Noodle House Tomas Morato (Quezon City, Metro Manila)
Photo Courtesy of Connoisseurus Veg

Scallion Pancakes

葱油饼 (Cōng yóubǐng)

Okay, so these aren’t the sweet and fluffy pancakes you’re used to. But they’re just as tasty. Street-style Chinese scallion is flaky, with a dry surface resembling flatbread. Each bite comes with a nice, satisfying crunch! And, of course, it’s topped with scallions. Yum!

  • Where to buy Scallion Pancakes in Metro Manila?
    • The Grid (Makati, Metro Manila)
    • Choi Garden Dimsum Greenhills Promenade (San Juan, Metro Manila)
Photo Courtesy of Serious Eats

This article is not sponsored by any of the establishments and businesses listed above. 


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