Manager Spark Series: Fast Talk with Vipp & Chen by COMM

Manager Spark Series: Fast Talk with Vipp & Chen by COMM

COMM one, COMM all. Here in COMM Team, we bring out the fun in all! In need of an outlet for all that adrenaline inside of you? Got something so random up your sleeve that you just have to talk about? Don’t worry, the COMM team will provide you the avenue to let out all your energy and creatively fun ideas! More than just the people who make posters or come up with gimmicks, COMM can be best seen as the people behind the face that people see of Celadon. From choosing aesthetics to creating fun activities such as raids, commercials, workshops, or even flash mobs, expect that the COMM team will always have something on the plate for you. Here is Fast Talk With Vipp and Chenelle to show you that being in COMM doesn’t mean we’re just promos people. Being in COMM means you’re bringing out the adrenaline to channel those random thoughts that sparks that creativity within you.


Tell us something you would happily do again.

Vipp: ASEAN Student Leadership Forum 2016. This was the most exhausting project I’ve ever been a part of but definitely the most memorable. I’ve crossed out a ton of things on my bucket list such as not sleeping for five days straight and the number of unplanned sleepovers (still not enough to lose at a Never Have I Ever with Chen though).

Chenelle: Definitely Santa’s Attic. It was my first ever project with Vipp as the project head. I was one of the communications head there and I had so much fun thinking of gimmicks to help promote the event. I was even part of the ingress team and we stayed in the mall till like 2-3 am. 


How do you bring out the artsy-ness in you?

Vipp: The smell of newly bought art materials and an open how-to YouTube tab.

Chenelle: I would go to like a dainty and cozy cafe… Maybe have like a drink… a cold drink… Non-alcoholic of course 🙂  


Never Have I Ever…………

Vipp: Never Have I Ever traveled by myself.

Chenelle: Won a Never Have I Ever? HAHA Kidding… Never Have I Ever gone wakeboarding. That’s definitely something on my bucket list that I’d wanna do with the COMM Family.


Give 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself

Vipp: I’m allergic to chocolate. I get to school at 6am on regular school days. I don’t usually cram school requirements or org projects.

Chenelle: I’ve chugged beer on stage for non-trad promos. I’m better than Vipp in Photoshop. I get super nervous when I have to do on the spot gimmicks. 🙂  


I am Vipp/Chenelle and I am _____________.

Vipp: I am Vipp and I am super excited to meet this year’s new COMM team!

Chenelle: I am Chenelle and I am not single….. Because I am COMMited to help make Celadon the best it can be.

So Celadoneans, whether your relationship status is COMMitted, It’s COMMplicated, or In Need of a COMMpanion, never forget that the COMM Department will be just here to welcome you with open arms. After all, there’s really no place like COMM.


Written by Chenelle Co and Victor Mendoza

Photography by Tinoley Photography

Here is the Celadon Manager Application Kit for A.Y 2017-2018:

The Executive Board are excited to work with you!

Deadline for Applications: June 25, 2017 11:59pm

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us through [email protected]

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