Elements Magazine Launch: The Revival of Celadon’s Official Publication

Elements Magazine Launch: The Revival of Celadon’s Official Publication

On February 16, 2015, Ateneo Celadon witnessed the revival of its official publication, Elements Magazine (formerly known as Chinoy Magazine). Open to everyone, it was an afternoon of different moods—cheerful, relaxed, nostalgic, with the staffers beaming with pride.

Stephanie Sayson, current vice president of Externals who was then an associate VP of the said department, hosted the event.

The event opened with a prayer and a game of human bingo about the contents of the magazine. The prizes for the first ones to complete? Early-release copies of the print issue.

The excitement was followed by a few words from the organization’s outgoing president Aldrin Chua, a brief speech by incumbent editor-in-chief Joshua Cheng, and a reminiscent speech by the founder of Chinoy himself, Atty. Oscar Franklin Tan.

“I remember the first issue we released,” he said fondly, holding up a black and white slim copy of the magazine’s first issue in 1998. “One [of our later issues in my time] finally had color, but [we could only afford one,] just red.”

He spoke of the power of publications in touching the people’s lives and being icons that surpass time. There was even an issue with current politician Bam Aquino in the cover during his student days in Ateneo.

Furthermore, he spoke of the importance of finding stories that stay with people. “We once made a feature article on the marriage of [Acting JGSOM Dean] Dr. Darwin Yu and Dr. “Cathy” Vistro-Yu because people enjoy reading about the ‘Great Wall’ [relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese respectively].”

He continued, “We also held an event [before that featured pairs] with Team Chinoy, Team Pinoy and Team Tisoy [that ended up being an article called “Aling Lahi ng Teacher ang Pinaka-astig”]. During the Q&A portion, one of the judges asked former Chair of Management Rodolfo Ang how he would react if a female student tried to seduce him. He replied [along the lines of], ‘I would tell her I’m gay.’ That response won, I think.” (The actual quote was: “I’ll hold her hand, lean over and whisper back to her, ‘But I’m gay.'”)

The night ended with free snacks, and pictures and chats with the founder himself.

A few days later, copies of the issue were officially released to the public: some on Matanglawin’s stands, others in campus offices, and more in Zen Garden for Celadon’s Chinese New Year Festival.

Despite a printing malfunction that delayed the official release from February 18 to February 20, Elements Magazine proved that no matter how hard it may be to rediscover an icon seemingly forgotten, with the sheer determination of the staffers, it is possible.

Long live the publication!

Written by Shannen Pua

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