10 Reasons Why CUL Managers are Dragons

10 Reasons Why CUL Managers are Dragons


Literally, we are 龙的传人 (descendants of the dragons)

If you look into the Chinese myths and legends, you’ll probably find that those with Chinese blood are often believed to be龙的传人 or descendants of the dragons. The emperor himself is called the dragon emperor. They’re even in cartoons like Kung Fu Pandathe legendary prodigy was to be named as the Dragon Warrior!

And so we go beyond the noodles. We constantly share this culture we have with everyone.


We are fireproof!

Although our projects get “fired up” at times, we, as members of the Cultural Affairs, remain calm and collected, making sure that our projects make an impact despite having to improvise or adapt to multiple external factors.

Photo by Quimbe Dy

CUL people can fly

Not literally, but there’s a need to go to different places. Logistically, CUL is everywherefinding lanterns in 168, buying tikoy in Binondo, going to different schools to deliver letters and invitations, reserving unusual but strategic venues for events, and staging an event itself inside a prestigious mall.

Spring Film FestivalWe’ll never go extinct

The Chinese-Filipino culture may seem like it is slowly losing its traditional touch, but it’s a good thing. Let us not forget that this culture is evolving and slowly integrating itself, and we constantly do our best to celebrate and show their relevance in society.


Dragons make their own paths

CUL has five projects, each path within the Cultural Affairs DepartmentMAF, TAW, Strokes, SFF, and CNY. However, there comes a time that a dragon must leave the comfort of the nest and define its chosen path.

Photography by Brittney Ong, Joshua Tan, Mark Yu, Moira So, and Quimbe Dy
Photo by Joshua Tan

We have real dragons in our event, CNY

Where can you find dancing dragons in Ateneo? Only in Celadon’s CNY. These dragons are actually secretly our distant relatives. We send out the best of our own kind to perform. 😉


Dragons are forever

Walang forever? Nope. CUL is forever! Culture will constantly be in flux, but the sharing will continue. CUL projects will never lack impact (and the CUL family is also forever wink wink).

Photo from Jennifer Tiu

Dragons are chill

Jannina!!! And Jerwin… and Eugene. “We will always be the mothers of the dragons.” Remember all those UBEs? The fun times we had? You guys (the managers) grew up so fast… :(( It was as if yesterday that we all began our journey in CUL and now you’ve all grown…

Photo by Hillary Uy

望子成龍 [lit. to hope one’s son becomes a dragon (idiom)]

To the Chinese (and the Chinese-Filipinos), dragons are the symbol for success. We, the CUL3, know that all our five projects succeeded in their own wayin terms of reach, experience, attendance, and innovation. We have high hopes for the incoming managers of CUL: 望子成龍.

Photo by Mark Yu

Dragons know when to come home

Dragons may have their homes in the free skies, but each has a home in Celadon. And on a personal note, dear dragons, always remember that no matter where the road leads us, never forget that once upon a time, our paths intersected. Once upon a time, we were Cultural Affairs 2015-2016. Our terms may end, but the feeling of family will always be there. And you are always welcome here, at home 🙂

Written by Jannina Ong, Eugene Andojoyan, and Jerwin Ting

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