One JuMP at a Time

One JuMP at a Time

“I wanna be the very best like no one ever was,” rang clear in the minds of the participants of the Junior Manager Program (JuMP). Themed after Pokemon this year, the seven-part series plunged the participants, the JuMPers, into activities, talks, and planning sessions that developed their leadership skills.

In the following sessions, JuMPers had to overcome “battles” to finish the course. Such a challenge was filling up a Celadex, a booklet patterned after the Pokedex that profiles the executive board and the managers of Celadon, with signatures from each one. Tasks ranged from winning a game of Mahjong at the org room to performing as Sisa from Noli Me Tangere to earn them. This was a source of stress for the JuMPers intending to finish the program and a fodder for boisterous laughter in the org room.

In the serious activities that gave the JuMPers their fair share of training, Mr. Alvin Tan of Chinoy TV shared his experiences as a leader. He imparted the eight pillars of innovation, inspiring the participants to grow, to be fearless and to start ahead. Every requirement also provided the JuMPers the important know-how of Celadon–its systems, current managers, EBs, and fellow Celadoneans.

When the last session ended, their newfound friendships solidified. Pizza, a successful live-stream UAAP game, and an awarding of exemplary participants ended the program’s graduation. Each graduate beamed, knowing that it is only the beginning of something greater. The JuMPers left all revved up to see what Celadon has to offer, and what they have to offer in return.

The new AVP for Corporate Systems Alexander Españo reminisced, “Experiencing JuMP during my freshman year had been a great and memorable adventure in its own right. In addition to learning the value of leadership and the qualities of a Celadonean leader, I was able to meet all sorts of people coming from different high schools and different courses. There, I was able to find new friends, and I was able to go through challenges together with my groupmates and fellow Celadoneans.”

“JuMP helped me a lot because it taught me the basics of handling projects and the competencies of the managers for them. I saw how being a manager is a tough job, but at least JuMP will prepare me to overcome the challenges,” says Leslie Uy.

“JuMP made a special place in [my] heart”, says Yssa Yu a former JuMPer. “It made me believe in myself more.” She decided to tackle this year’s JuMP as a way of paying back the previous JuMP managers who encouraged her to volunteer for numerous events and eventually, to apply as a manager herself. She is now the AVP for Leadership Formation.

Through the years, JuMP transformed a lot of students into leaders, keeping the organization intact one JuMP at a time.

Written by Chelsea Amin

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