Celadon First Meet: The Wayfarers’ Amazing Race
First Meet. Photo by Faith Ong.

Celadon First Meet: The Wayfarers’ Amazing Race

It was Chinatown in Ateneo as the Celadoneans converged at the MVP Roofdeck in the Saturday morning of September 12, 2015 for Ateneo Celadon’s first general assembly (GA).

Titled “Celadon First Meet: Wayfare,” the GA featured a team-building game where members new and old explored around the school to accomplish several challenging tasks.

Celadoneans were randomly assigned to teams led representing different countries such as the Philippines, Brazil, and Japan. After a musical-chairs icebreaker, the teams ventured around the area in an Amazing Race-esque game that required each “country” to accomplish each booth that represented Celadon’s departments.

Communication had people charade to song numbers, and Corporate Relations’ booth required the teams to make ads from the event’s sponsors. Externals mixed up beer pong and rage cage with their segment, and people fought over the spot in the camera for Publications. Things got physical as Human Resources’ game challenged each team to lift each member over a 4-foot rope. Finance’s stop made each team accomplish several minigames within a certain time period in exchange for materials to create a Cheongsam outfit. The event culminated in Cultural Affairs’ fashion show that showcased the Cheongsam of each team. At the end of the day, Team France was crowned as the champions.

Win or lose, there were many smiles amidst the tired faces of the Celadoneans, especially with newfound friendships formed. “This was a lot more fun than last year—the whole working together with a group of strangers that I just met this morning,” said Alecs Laohoo (2 BS MGT). “It feels great to make new friends!”

Alec So (1 BS LM) felt that he learned more about Celadon’s department through the games, saying, “They discussed what the different committees do, and they got our attention through the games.”

Senior Kendrick Pinpin (AB MEC) expressed, “[The] energy’s up, lots of interesting activities. It’s very unique. It’s not your conventional GA. A lot of thought went into this. Execution could be a bit better, but overall, I’m having a great time.” He added, “I think what’s stressed in this GA is less [on] what Celadon does, and more of [on] the spirit of  the [Celadoneans]. Getting into the org culture is something that this GA aimed to do, and I think [it did] it well.”

“Right from the start, my personal goal for Wayfare was for the members to meet and bond with their co-members. I want them to see that it’s the people that makes the org special. It is what makes the org a home worth coming back to,” reflects project head Stephanie King. “We went with the theme Wayfare for this year’s First Meet because of how we want the members to know that there can be home wherever they go. Adapting to other places and cultures is, I believe, within the Chinese-Filipino culture. In experiencing Wayfare, I hope the members found that the org can be another home that welcomes them.”

Celadon President EG Dizon adds, “What makes this project successful is that […] from the planning up to this point, we’d like to think that we were able to create a model, one that could be the basis for the coming years to continue or modify as they wish. What’s important is that, we’re starting with a blast this year. From here, we want to extend our organization to our members and friends—so that everyone will feel welcome and at home back home in Celadon.”

Written by Joel Anthony Lim

Photos by Faith Ong

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