Alumni Gathering: Sparking Memories Old and New

Alumni Gathering: Sparking Memories Old and New

The External Affairs Department of the Ateneo Celadon held an alumni gathering where current members of the organization spent time with the graduated members of the organization. It took place on September 27 at UNO Seafood Restaurant in Greenhills. Shana Solis and Jason Khu, both of batch 2014, hosted the event.

After Celadon President Aldrin Chua gave the opening remarks, the hosts spiced up the night as they held a trivia game about Celadon, while alumni and members indulged in the food served to them. As the program continued, the organizers raffled ten of this year’s Elements privilege cards to the Celadon alumni.

After the fun and games, Celadon alumnus Riche Lim gave an insight about the organizational culture of Celadon. His speech was followed by an audio-visual presentation showing the teaser video of Celadon’s offices and departments, its current executive board and its recently concluded events such as CelaFest, Mid-Autumn Festival and more. It also gave a glimpse on the executive board and the events during the past academic year.
Wilson Flores, the founder of Ateneo Celadon, then gave a speech about the uniqueness of Filipino-Chinese. His speech concluded with him hoping that there will be more alumni gatherings to come. After the speech, the networking began in which current members and alumni talk about Celadon, academic life, and job opportunities after college.

Celadon member Alyssa Yu remarked on how the alumni gathering gave her the chance to get to know other alumni and also to reunite with the alumni she know. Celadon alumnus Oscar Franklin Tan, on the other hand, mentioned on how “it [feels] so heartening to feel the energy of the members.” He also added that speaking to the members made him remember the time when he was a student in Ateneo.

The alumni gathering was an event in which the alumni can look back at their time as Celadon members. Likewise, it was a time in which the current members can have the opportunity to gain connections and more importantly, advice as they continue their journey in Celadon, in Ateneo, and most importantly, in life.

Written by Robert Cuartero.

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