Alumni Gathering: Generations

Alumni Gathering: Generations

Ateneo Celadon held its second official alumni gathering for A.Y. 2014-2015 on the evening of March 7, 2015 in the Torch Restaurant, San Juan. The alumni and the current members poured in, into an event that recapped the highlights of the year, with good food, prizes and friends.

The program began with outgoing President Aldrin Chua’s remarks on the year. He focused on the merits achieved by the organization, touting its number of members and managers. Aldrin also emphasized events that pushed for social change such as the Taipan: National Business Summit and Celadon R.E.A.C.H.

The editor-in-chief of Elements Magazine also spoke to explain the vision of the publication for that academic year, including the rationale for the rebranding of Chinoy Magazine into Elements Magazine to better cater the campus audience.

Pru Life UK also presented its history and goals.

The remainder of the program also had the participants play a trivia game based on the current information about the organization and a raffle game for the alumni, whom won prizes ranging from GCs to bags from numerous sponsors.

Recalling the highlight for the event, host Isaac Cheung selects Celadon founder Wilson Lee Flores’ talk. “He made comments about Celadon reaching [almost] 30 years. He never expected it.”

Written by Joshua Cheng.
Photo by Charles De Francia

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