A Celebration and Send Off: Celadon Ball 2019

A Celebration and Send Off: Celadon Ball 2019

Written by Aaron Medina and Wyce Co. Edited by Matthew Yuching, Denise Joaquin.

Photo Header by Sherwayne Cai.

The stars couldn’t help but shine bright on Celadon’s most august night.

Last May 4, 2019, Ateneo Celadon culminated a successful school year with a year-end ball entitled “City of Stars”. Held in Le Reve Events Place along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, the event comes down as one of the most memorable projects of the entire school year in the hearts of many Celadoneans.

The venue dazzled guests as they entered. From lights suspended above ground to colorful bouquets of flowers that brought life to the tables, the venue perfectly suited the theme of the event; it dazzled like the stars.

The event started with a prayer, after which outgoing president Katreena Chang, 4 BS ME, gave the welcoming remarks. In her address, Kat highlighted the events of the past school year, while wishing the new one a success.

Up until the inauguration of the new leaders of the organization that night, she oversaw the many activities of the school year, activities worthy of such a celebration as Celadon Ball.

Talented Celadoneans graced the event with captivating performances. Stefani Santos, 1 BFA TA, and Bernice Chong, 2 BFA ID, made their marks by entertaining guests through song. Robin Oo of 2 BS ME and Franco Dytianquin of 2 BS MGT complemented the songs through their playing of the piano and the guitar respectively.

A sumptuous dinner also accompanied the night. While the delicious food filled the body, the warm conversations and picture takings among tablemates and friends filled the heart.

One of the highlights of the night included the inauguration of the new Executive and Central Board members of the organization for the next school year. Upon being called per department, the outgoing and incoming officers ascended the stage, where the former gave some words of wisdom and advice to the latter. Led by outgoing president Katreena Chang, the inauguration commenced soon after. Finally, to demonstrate their willingness and love for the organization, the new leaders had a laudable (and humorous) performance for all the guests.

The night didn’t conclude, though, without an emotional seniors’ send off which served as the highlight of the entire night. A number of underclassmen approached each senior, blindfolded them, and led them to the middle of the room.

Once seated, they took off their blindfolds. Before they could get up, everyone flocked around the seniors.

A wave of emotions ensued as everyone watched the send off video and as individual tokens of appreciation and love flooded the seniors. From the red roses to the personal letters, love colored the air, making it most fragrant and somewhat bittersweet.

As the evening came to an end, everyone exchanged heartfelt goodbyes, especially to the beloved graduating seniors. Goodbyes don’t always have to be sad, however, as memories and friendships last a lifetime. As a new school year draws ever so near, may anticipation continue to thrill everyone for more memories even greater than the stars themselves.

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