Celadon’s Marketing Seminar: Survivor

Celadon’s Marketing Seminar: Survivor

Ateneo Celadon’s Office of Corporate Relations holds marketing seminars where Celadoneans develop the necessary skills needed to handle the corporate relations for the organization. A two day seminar was held on August 21 and September 4 at F116 and CTC102 respectively.

On the first day of the seminar, Jesse Lui, the AVP for Corporate Relations (CorRel), delivered a presentation on marketing do’s and don’ts, on how to make marketing packages, on how to deal with sponsors, and the like. He also gave a preview of what it would be like when corporate relations officers will talk to the sponsors, saying that, “You have to be makulit when it comes to sponsors. Some of them ignore you so mahirap talaga. Some companies would pass you around, making you go to this department or that person. Sometimes both. [When] you have contact with a sponsor, you can’t slack off. You need to check your email at least once an hour kasi baka nagreply na sponsor mo”.

After the talk, the lights were shut off and everyone was tasked to close their eyes and use only their sense of hearing to look for their spirit guides. In line with the theme, the spirit guides were making the sounds of their tribe animal to call out their tribe members among huge crowd at the center of the room. Everyone found their way into their tribe and the group assignments and discussions began.

Each tribe was assigned a different project to work on, and all they had to do was to accomplish a marketing package that best fits their event. It was up to the members to accomplish their package and letter on time and have them checked by one of the marketing ‘overlords’ Jesse Lui and CorRel VP Erika Angeles.

The fruits of their hard work showed in the second phase of the seminar. Each tribe was given seven minutes to present their package to a panel of judges. Apart from Jesse and Erika, the panel included EG Dizon, VP for Cultural Affairs; Monique Ocampo, Executive Vice President; and Alexandra Natividad, former VP for Marketing-turned-President for Ateneo Student Exchange Council (ASEC).

The judges had to see who made the best package in terms of content (30%), presentation (40%), and process (30%). The Horse Tribe stood out, presenting a sample marketing package for the Celadon Ball. Not only did they provide an effective marketing package, but they were able to convince the judges of the effort they poured on their project. The winning speaker, Dianne Tan, was also a part of the Horse Tribe.

The seminar ended with the awarding ceremony and deliberations conducted by the Survivor: Marketing Seminar team. Although prizes were limited, everyone was applauded for their hard work and all were encouraged to apply as marketing executives in the future.

Written by Cindy Mae Chua and Alyssa Cheng.

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