Things Filipino-Chinese Kids Are Afraid Of

Things Filipino-Chinese Kids Are Afraid Of

Article by Leanne Waverly Sy

Photos by Pamela Uy and Hennie Liu

1. Last-Minute Hangout Plans

Has your barkada ever planned an after-school activity on the day itself? Good for you! Time to call your parents to ask for their permission, disregarding the fact that you didn’t give them a 24-hour notice.

2. Strict Chinese Teachers

We all know them. The serious, elderly「__老师 」who can silence the classroom with their entrance alone. God forbid they call your name for recitation. Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on xiaokai in the event of written punishments. *shudder*

3. Failing Exams and Grades

You know how red is a lucky color? Look at your test papers and think again. You might as well reimagine the entire course of your future while you are at it.

4. Being Asked by your Filipino Peers to Translate Chinese

Filipino student: “Hey, can you translate this for us?

Chinese student: “Oh, sure. *frantically opens Pleco or Google Translate*


5. Guests Who Don’t Take Off Their Shoes Before Entering Your House

Imagine cleaning the entire house and preparing the VIP hotel slippers for your guest, only for said visitor to step inside with their outdoor shoes. Tragic.

6. Spilled Mopit/Máobǐ Ink

The art of Chinese calligraphy, a.k.a “How to Do Your Mopit Assignment With Minimal Ink Spills.” For intermediate students, you may increase the difficulty with the additional risk of breaking your soy dish.

7. Signs of Bad Luck

Death by the number 4. Breakups caused by umbrellas and scissors. A staircase which faces the front door. Forget black cats and Friday the 13th–your elders know what true nightmares are made of.

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