Pegasus: Simply Entertaining
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Pegasus: Simply Entertaining

Article by Wenjun Yan
Edited by Regiena Siy

The film Pegasus, written and directed by Han Han, introduces to the viewers the story of a man named Zhang Chi. Zhang Chi, in his prime, won the racing championship five times in a row. However, his seemingly bright career was brought to a halt because he raced illegally. This incident led to his suspension and changed his life drastically. He, who originally was successful and rich, suddenly found all his fame and fortune gone. The movie showcases his comeback as a racecar driver after serving a 5 year suspension. The film shows his struggles in getting his driver’s license back, trying to obtain a car, and finding a sponsor. In the end, he is able to bounce back with the help of Sun Yixiang, his co-driver, and  Lin Zhendong, the current champion.

The narrative of the movie is relatively straightforward and can be enjoyed even by younger viewers. It is a film more focused on trying to achieve one’s goals. This is seen in the way Zhang Chi was determined to race again and win despite the difficulty in even attempting to participate in the race. At one point in the film, it seemed like Zhang Chi would not be able to win the race due to a malfunction in his car. However, despite the risk, he decided to push through and won at the cost of his car driving over the edge. Viewers are left wondering what his fate is because the film ends with the car driving over the edge. However, there is a post-credits scene which shows him and his son in the car, racing against Zhang Chi’s colleague. Zhang Chi, earlier in the movie, promised to race against his colleague if he wins the championship; and this indicates that he won.

 The film is quite easy to follow, but the pacing could be better. Considering the duration of this movie is about 90 minutes, some scenes felt rushed. The ending of the movie also felt a bit rushed and may leave viewers wondering what happened to the main character. However, the overall theme imparts a valuable lesson to viewers to pursue one’s dreams and ambitions even though it may be difficult. Despite the main character being unable to race for years,. he still wishes to race despite the odds being stacked against him. In this case, he shows grit and determination to win.

To conclude, the movie has quite a simple plot, but the  simplicity is part of the appeal. It’s the perfect movie for those who wish to watch something that is comedic and does not contain much drama. Overall, the film is decent and shows a simple story of a man who is determined to win and continue doing what he loves. 

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