Burger Box: The House of Artisanal Burgers in Banawe

Burger Box: The House of Artisanal Burgers in Banawe

Written by Aaron Medina

Photos by Angelica Cai

Who wouldn’t want a meal of mouthwatering burgers, crispy french fries, golden brown onion rings, and overflowing iced tea?

Earlier in the semester, representatives from Ateneo Celadon’s Corporate Relations and Documentation and Publications departments embarked on a mid-afternoon sojourn from Ateneo to the bustling street of Banawe, eager (and hungry) to try what Burger Box, a promising restaurant, had to offer. 

Upon entering the bright-colored restaurant, a brown wooden shelf decorated neatly with little figurines and stacks of books stood closeby; this presented the place as a homey environment. In addition, some of the tables at the back of the restaurant also utilized sofas instead of regular seats, which gave guests a chance to relax if they wished to.

Part of the interior of the restaurant

It all started with GrabFood and related applications. Food would be delivered to customers craving for a bite of goodness. From there, the business grew and through word of mouth, Burger Box enjoyed a gracious welcome from the Banawe community. Burger Box celebrated its first anniversary last July. For owner Henry Ngo, the success may be attributed to the good quality of the food and how customers feel right at home. “Ako yung actual na kumakausap sa kanila,” Mr. Ngo joyfully told us, just one of his many responsibilities as the Operations Manager as well. 

The restaurant serves a wide variety of burgers, so whether customers prefer a lot of cheese or none at all, there will most likely be an option that will suit their taste. The Ateneo Celadon representatives tried four of them:

The first, appropriately named “You Had Me at Bacon” due to the generous amount of bacon topping the inside layer of the burger, proved itself to be one of a kind. Although the cheese may have been a little overpowering, the delicate balance of the taste of the burger patty and accompanying barbecue sauce gave this burger its unique flavor.

The two, large, deep-fried onion rings slithered with a dash of Burger Box house sauce likely served as the most distinct feature of “Hardbox”, the second burger. The combination of lush green lettuce, smoky bacon, and the delicious burger patty gave this burger quite the mark.

The strong presence of many different flavors defined “Hey, Mario”, the third burger. Aside from, of course, the tasty burger patty, this burger utilized shredded mozzarella and parmesan as well. With a slight taste of pepper at the end, this burger also contained ketchup and mayo as part of the filling. 

Just as some people find pineapple on pizza unique, so, too, did the Celadon team find “After-Gym Hawaiian”, the last burger, quite interesting; two slices of grilled pineapple topped the burger patty, cheese, and lettuce. This gave the burger a distinct and sweet taste, balanced out by the well-grilled charness of the burger patty. 

Aside from burgers, the Celadon representatives also took delight in other dishes. A serving of “Caramelized Bacon” definitely hit its mark. Why have either regular fries or twister fries when both seemed to be just as delicious? The onion rings certainly didn’t seem to be the ordinary, floury, type. Last, but certainly not least, their special “Half and Half Carafe” acted as a suitable equalizer; a combination of iced tea and lemonade, this gave the food a great and delightful complement. 

Overall, Burger Box proved itself to be a laudable restaurant. A quaint, community burger cafe found on the 2nd floor of Banawe Lifestyle Center, customers will be hard-pressed to find a more “feel at home” vibe than the one Burger Box offers. The appetizing food they serve and the warm atmosphere they promote certainly makes for a return trip!

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