Secrets That Haunt You
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Secrets That Haunt You

Article by Angelie Pua
Edited by Regiena Siy

Amidst the beautiful landscape of ancient China, a dark secret lurks among the shadows and takes the form of a cat. Set during the Tang Dynasty, Legend of the Demon Cat follows the story of a demon cat terrorizing people involved in the death of the beloved Lady Yang. A Japanese Buddhist Monk and a poet embark on a journey to investigate the anomalies happening around Chang’an and discover a bone-chilling secret that had been buried for 30 years.

Though this movie is dark and tragic, it was satisfying to watch because of the beautiful cinematography and magical performances that made you wish you were in the movie. However, despite the amazing effects, the movie had a couple of flaws and was sometimes convoluting. First, the connection between Lady Yang and the demon cat is quite vague. Since there isn’t much interaction between their characters in the movie, it’s odd that the demon cat would seek revenge for Lady Yang even though their relationship was not well established. Second, the beginning of the movie is quite hard to follow, it’s like going into an exam without having any context of the lessons. Everything is a mystery, and you would always ask yourself “why?” “how?” or “what?”, but it’s part of the movie’s charm, since the way the plot unfolds makes you feel like you’re trying to piece the story together like the monk and the poet. Lastly, there was a major plot hole that ruined the potential of the story and cinematography.

Overall, despite the confusion, the movie is still good. It’s interesting and the plot gets better the more you think about it. So if you’re looking for something magical, mysterious, and tragic, with amazing cinematography, then this movie is worth a watch.

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