Blistering but Brimming — Ember: A Summer Bazaar

Blistering but Brimming — Ember: A Summer Bazaar

The summer season brings a searing heat this year, but that does not mean everyone has to stay indoors all day. Organized by the Financial Affairs Department (FIN), the event brought members and shoppers together for Ember: A Summer Bazaar, held at the UP Town Center Amphitheater on April 9 and 10, 2016.

Held under the shade, the two-day event welcomed a host of visitors as they were presented with various products on the vendors’ tables, including food and beverages, clothes and accessories, and electronics. As the day’s activities winded down, visitors were treated to musical performances from various individuals and groups such as Suits and Sepia, Fractured Forearm, Colin Salao, and Gail Viaje, and Jeric Santos and Jamo Fevidal on the first night. The second night’s performances included Alex Laohoo, The Dreamists, Joshe Tiu & Band, and Sherry and Sean Gonida.

When asked about the the event and its success, FIN Vice-President Aldwyn Sean Kua remarked, “This is the first time we held a summer bazaar, but I can say that Ember has successfully established a branding that’ll only get bigger and bigger in the succeeding years to come. All of the concessionaires were happy with not just their sales but also with our performances and giveaways that drew in a lot of people to the bazaar. Actually, a lot of the concessionaires requested that they be invited again to the next bazaar we’re organizing.”

Likewise, Associate Vice-President of Financial Affairs Irish Tolentino had this to say about the event, “It’s the first time we’ve done two bazaars in one year, and I’m really happy to see that the Ember team has pulled off arguably the best bazaar yet to date, especially with its stunning promotions. The foot traffic in the bazaar was overwhelming, and the concessionaires enjoyed their time in the bazaar not only because of the customers, but also because of the games and give-aways we prepared [for the customers to draw them into the bazaar.]”

“Ember Bazaar truly set a high standard for the future bazaars to follow. With this year’s success, I’m sure Ember has been successful in establishing its name in the bazaar scene for the years to come.”

Ember: A Summer Bazaar is made possible with the support of sponsors: Mossimo, Jack n’ Jill Magic, Jack n’ Jill Tostillas, Lancris Residences, Hershey’s, Fortune Sunriser Enterprises Incorporated, Citibank, Big Scoop, Jack n’ Jill Mini Chocolate Pretzels, Jack n’ Jill Knots, Jack n’ Jill Fun-O, and is co-presented by Monster Radio RX 93.1.

Written by: Lance Lim

Photography by: Quimbe Dy, Junice Lagnada, and Deanne Tan

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