A Brief History of Celadon

Founding President and now Philippine Star columnist and successful businessman Wilson Lee Flores was inspired by celadon imperial Chinese antiques excavated from Batangas when he founded Ateneo Celadon in 1985. The official Chinese-Filipino organization of the Ateneo de Manila University celebrates its 30th Anniversary with an aspiration for excellence that exceeds expectations.

Grounded on the vision of a Chinese-Filipino community integrated into the greater Philippine society, the organization has flourished from a hundred and ten members in its founding year to nearly nine hundred today.

The organization has always carried its vision through its numerous projects that highlight the Chinese-Filipino culture in a modern context. The Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, and of course, the Spring Film Festival achieve this. The organization also develops their members’ skills with projects like the Leadership Development Program, Marketing Seminar, and other workshops.

Celadon is one of the founding members of the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFiCS) and has been awarded in 2000 as the Best Organization in Ateneo from the Dean’s Awards of Services and Excellence. Playing a very important role in that award was Chinoy Magazine, which continues to give intellectual depth behind the culture the organization represents, in the form of Elements Magazine.

Nowadays, since Ateneo Celadon celebrates the Chinese-Filipino culture, there is a notion of exclusivity to Chinese-Filipino students. The organization, however, welcomes anyone, showcasing the unity in diversity by meaning more to its members.

Current President, Erwin Guile Dizon, says, “For me, Celadon is home – a place where I was able to find great people who share the same love and passion for [the Chinese-Filipino] culture as I.”

“Overall, the org helped me learn that no matter how different we are – whether it is passion, personality, profession, values, or even blood – a rich, diverse culture unites us,” a Celadonean shares.

“Celadon has grown and flourished to what it is now—a training ground for future leaders, a multi-awarded cultural and civic student organization promoting better understanding of our [Chinese-Filipino] culture and Confucian values”, Mr. Flores said. “The name Celadon symbolizes our aspirations for excellence in everything we do,” and its 30th year excels in the same path.

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