Welcome to Celadon’s 30th Year!
Photo by Joshua Cheng

Welcome to Celadon’s 30th Year!

For 30 years, Ateneo Celadon has been pursuing its goal of spreading Chinoy culture in the hopes of improving understanding about our unique culture and tradition. In this light, we aim to not only share to others but also to deepen our own understanding of who we are as a people.

Photo by Justin Clifford Ang

Various people join various organizations for various reasons. I joined Celadon in search of people to play mahjong with. From there on, I can personally say that the experience has turned out to be so much more than just that. Joining, participating, and volunteering in the projects of the different departments really got me into this organization. After going through the Mid-Autumn Festival, Junior Manager Program, Marketing Seminar and Spring Film Festival, I could honestly say that I already knew where I belong. To me, Celadon isn’t just an organization, it’s also my home. And as my home, I have found my family. It was in this home where I met some of the best people and friends in life.

Photo by Belrica Ma
Photo by Belrica Ma

On our 30th year, Celadon will get even better than before. We are looking into various ways through which we can help everyone feel more at home. Surely, we will be having activities that will deepen your sense of belonging in Celadon. Such activities include monthly tambay sessions, hang-outs and projects that both celebrate culture and bond us together! Words cannot fully express how much fun we have in store for everyone as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

Photo by Belrica Ma

If you’ve noticed, the recurring idea behind everything that we do in Celadon is rooted on the Chinoy tradition of family. In everything that we do, we always aim for everyone to feel what it means to belong in our organization. As such, I cannot stress enough how excited we are in the Executive Board, to meet and have fun with everyone! On behalf of the EB, we hope that you too will come to love Celadon as your own home in the near future.

See you in our next event (coming soon)!

Written by EG Dizon (黄少文) , President of Ateneo CeladonEG Dizon

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