The Captain: Beyond the Lenses of Airforce Crew
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The Captain: Beyond the Lenses of Airforce Crew

Article by Elisha Uy
Edited by Regiena Siy

“We’ll go home together,” says the head cabin crew of Sichuan Airlines Flight 8633. Having no control over the nature of disasters, the film introduces its viewers on the worst “what-ifs” traveling midair may bestow. Accustomed to the smooth services provided by air forces, one would lightly perceive the unlikeliness of dying midair, moreover control amidst chaos. Liu Chuanjian and his crew members demonstrate images of comradery and professionalism fueled with the goal of safely going home together.

At a first glance, the movie might start off as slow paced due to its mundaneness. The scenes may have felt too normal as it was designed to showcase the ins and outs of the flight preparation; however, its familiarity also arouses reminiscence to viewers that have not boarded the plane in a while or fascination to those that have not gotten a chance to ride one. 

With the story’s focus on reflecting a rather heart throbbing experience, the details are further captivated in the emotions that rushed through the engine failure.  Flying over the winter-piqued Tibetan mountains, the sudden cracking of the cockpit’s windshield is itself alarming due to the high altitude and maintenance for oxygen. Panic is indeed a humane instinct in a life and death situation but not only the passengers’ life are at stake as it was the crew members’ as well. Battling the freezing cold pilot seat, Captain Liu Chuanjian did display instances that doubted the passengers’ trust. Some protested to see the captain themselves while others threw a hopeless tantrum. Nevertheless, the crew members continued to believe that their years of training will not go in vain over an unwelcoming disaster. Everyone else in the plane is someone’s parent, child, or lover and everyone’s cooperation is needed to have a safe landing.

To conclude, the movie encompasses a rather realistic demonstration of the pilots and the crew members’ responsibility of their day to day flight operations. With at least 500,000 passengers above the land daily, this tribute to Sichuan Airlines Flight 8633 speaks of an honorable commemoration on behalf of the risk takers that has made traveling through air a possible experience. 

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