Santa’s Attic 2018: A Truly Celadonean Christmas
Photo Header by Jerry Feng.

Santa’s Attic 2018: A Truly Celadonean Christmas

Written by Aaron Medina.      Edited by Matthew Yuching and Denise Joaquin.

Photo Header by Jerry Feng.

Jolly hymns, mouth-watering food, fun gifts, and heartwarming personalities.

Held last November 30 to December 2, 2018 in Ayala Fairview Terraces, Ateneo Celadon’s “Santa’s Attic: A Christmas Bazaar” brought happiness to many a people who savored its different festivities and happenings.

Timeless hymns serenaded guests throughout the three-day bazaar. From “Let It Snow” to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, holiday classics helped bring out the warm, Christmas feeling everyone loves.

This year’s bazaar also offered a variety of food choices, complete from appetizers to desserts. Big J’s Sausages, for instance, left no customer hungry with their golden brown sausages. Santa granted the wishes of those craving for Japanese snacks; not one but two food stalls offered freshly-cooked takoyaki: Kazuyuki Takoyaki and Takoya Kiks. Pops, which sold different flavors of popsicle sticks, delighted children and the children-at-heart. To complement the food, Tea Loco sold delicious milk tea, while Spin Coffee sold warm coffee, an ideal treat for the breezy nights guests enjoyed under the bright, yellow Christmas lights of the open-air bazaar.

Of course, a Christmas bazaar wouldn’t be a Christmas bazaar without customers shopping for gifts. This year’s concessionaires featured a handful of items perfect for everyone. Ikigai proudly displayed its string bags outside its stall, perfect as a gift for students. D&K Premium Scents, on the other hand, sold beauty products such as perfume, body wash, and lotion.

“Turk Hanim”, another stall in the bazaar, stood out. According to Joy, who co-ran the stall, Turk Hanim literally means “Ms. Turk”, and for a reason. The stall proudly featured its small, multi-colored pouches from Turkey, perfect for those who longed for a different but equally stylish accessory for their everyday belongings. Though she does not personally celebrate Christmas, she found the bazaar as an opportunity to be one with those who do celebrate it.

And perhaps, one of the most distinct aspects of Christmas manifested itself in her: that of being able to unite and bring people of all cultures together.

A number of Celadoneans also didn’t fail to showcase their own musical talents. Among them, Stefani Santos (1 BFA TA) sang “Last Christmas” with a clear, audible, and fearless voice, to the amazement of everyone present. Joshe Tiu (4 BS LM), on the other hand, wonderfully played “The Way You Look Tonight” on the saxophone, a classic people ask him to play often.

Overall, the Christmas Bazaar overflowed with success. It brought out the best in the multiple Celadoneans, performers, and concessionaires who tirelessly worked together to bring Christmas cheer to anyone and everyone who ventured into its grounds: a truly Celadonean Christmas.

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