Relate and Inspire: The Winning Professors of Teachers’ Appreciation Week 2015

Relate and Inspire: The Winning Professors of Teachers’ Appreciation Week 2015

By popular demand the winning professors of Teachers’ Appreciation Week 2015 share their inspiring words and their surprise of the occassion.

Queena Lee-Chua: The Most Legendary Professor (Female)

TAW Award w-o-4

Inspire! “The reason why we teachers continue to do what we do is the fact that this country needs people who are good and who love the country—[and] not just love: Loving is not enough. You have to do your best. Doing best means doing well in school. There is no other way out. If you do your best in school, bluntly, that is the best gift [for the teachers].”

Relate! “First, I was shocked because I had no idea. My students were not telling me anything.”

Ambeth Ocampo: The Best SOSS Professor

TAW Award-5

Inspire! “I was asked to preview Heneral Luna, and I told the production staff that they should remove the disclaimer at the beginning of the film stating that it is not history but a story based on facts. When people ask me how accurate Heneral Luna is, my reply is that it is a film and not a PhD thesis.”

Relate! “I have so many stories. You can ask my students which of them they remember most from my class.”

Miguel Lizada: The Best SOH Professor and the Most Wanted

TAW Award w-o

Inspire! “ There’s no Ateneo, no Jesuit education without the liberal arts-oriented curriculum of the university. Most of our best teachers are from SOH, and a lot of them are people that I look up to. I don’t see this as an indication that I have surpassed them, but it’s really more on me doing things right because of most of my models.”

Relate! “Iyong “Most Wanted,” it’s cool because I think: “Naka-three-peat na ako.” It’s probably because my teaching style that my students appreciate, but “Best SOH Professor,” ewan ko lang.

Stephanie Puen: The Best InTACT Professor

TAW Award w-o-5

Inspire! “Why bother going to a one-hour class everyweek? Aside from the whole bonding experience with the block, it’s where you can just ask your questions, especially if you’re adjusting to college. You can ask us and relax; an avenue of sorts for letting things out since it’s an adjustment time. It’s a transition time. I let InTACT be that space for them.”

Relate! “For my block, sobrang stressed sila sa Math at sa Filipino. InTACT becomes that time [for them] to take a deep breath, [to take a] step back.”

Christopher Peabody: The Funniest and the Friendliest Professor

TAW Award

Inspire! “Being friendly isn’t just the case of walking around and smiling, it’s also a case of realizing there’s so much beauty [around us] and so many nice people that are afraid to show it. People don’t smile because of putting barriers. They’re letting worry and fear hinder them from getting to know other people. They actually look much prettier when they smile.”

Relate! “I do teach with a lot of humor, and I’ve had students coming back and telling me they remembered something because it was funny. That’s good.”

Javier Gomez: The Most Fashionable Professor

TAW Award-12

Inspire! “I am grateful that you remembered something in class and that I have made [an] impression. I hope you continue to be inspired to learn–that’s very important. One thing that I will say about the socks or the way I dress is that I dress because I like it. It’s fun. It’s about the joy. Whether you’re studying theology or you’re studying psychology, you have to bring joy to what you do.”

Relate! “At first, I thought that it was funny, but it is an award. I have mixed feelings about it. I like that I do make a good impression on my students. It helps them remember, if not me, then hopefully the lessons. That maybe, they’ll remember some of the lessons. ”

Compiled by Dann Dy

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