EDSA 31: A Journey of Perspectives

EDSA 31: A Journey of Perspectives

The topic of Martial Law is polarizing. The period has been classified as both an oppression of freedom and a restoration of civilian discipline. The involvement of the Chinese-Filipinos in that period has also tended to be silent, given that their path to citizenship was only made easier in that period. Today, however, Elements presents different perspectives.

Freddie Young: EDSA and the Journey Home

Credit: People Power Book, The Philippine Revolution of 1986

Freddie Young was a 22-year old activist during the EDSA Revolution. He recounts his experience of a revolution that brought together people from all walks of life. And he invites the people today to understand what EDSA means to the living spirit of the nation.

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Martial Law – Beyond the Wall

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.

Leanne Lacaden brings in two perspectives: one of a peaceful Martial Law, and a Martial Law of unsettling fear. Her dialogues with her parents give her different sides of the period. She invites her generation today to hold each experience as valid, to understand Martial Law beyond their own walls.

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