‘Double World’ (2020): A glimpse of dynastic China
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‘Double World’ (2020): A glimpse of dynastic China

Article by Aaron Medina

Although I did not look up the actual historical setting of the movie, it’s clear that most people will agree that it’s set in ancient dynastic China. At that time, emperors ruled, states and empires fought against each other, slaves were unfortunately a thing, bureaucrats thirsted for power to the point of eliminating co-leaders just to obtain it, and … there were heroes and good people, too. 

This is, I think, the greatest attribute of the movie: that it was able to capture all of those historical realities that characterize ancient China. The movie was successful in that aspect so much so that I felt a sense of empathy towards those who suffered those realities in the movie and, as a consequence, in real life history.

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