Ateneo Celadon March 27, 2016 Newsletter

Ateneo Celadon March 27, 2016 Newsletter

Hey there, Celadonean! Felt like you missed out a lot because of midterms week? Why not start your Holy Week break by catching up on the latest announcements and upcoming events of the org? Brought to you by Elements Magazine!


“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” —Marcus Garvey


Poster by Pau Era

Celadon Elections (SY 2015-2016)

Miting de Avance

Get to know your Top 9 Candidates through this year’s Miting De Avance! Learn more about their platforms and hear their plans for Celadon next year!

Part 1 – Mar 31, 5-8PM at SEC B 201
Part 2 – Apr 1, 5-8PM at SS Conf 1/2

Eligible voters are highly encouraged to attend! All candidates are required to attend.


List of Official Candidates 

Ready to know who are the candidates for next year’s Executive Board? We would like to congratulate the eligible candidates for Celections 2016! We wish you and the Aspirants the best of luck.

Campaign Period: March 27-April 3
Miting de Avance for Top 9 Candidates: March 31 & April 1
Election Period: April 4 – April 8

List of Eligible Voters

Here is the official list of all the eligible members who can vote in this year’s Celadon Elections! These are the members who have reached the 100 points and more, thus achieving active member status in Celadon this year. These members are highly encouraged to vote wisely in the upcoming elections on April 4-8, 2016. Thank you!


Marketing Seminar Phase 2

Rocketship is under maintenance. Since it’s midterms week, Marketing Seminar Phase 2 Day 2, is postponing to a later date. Details to be posted soon! For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Clarissa Chua or Kim Pavon.


Ember: Summer Bazaar

Want to have a blast this summer? Well then Ember: A Summer Bazaar is here for you!

Watch out for awesome quirky items that’ll surely make your summer a colourful one! Brighten up your summer this April 9-10 at the UP Town Center Amphitheater!

For inquiries, email us at [email protected] or contact 09175010195.


Upcoming Events

noun : par·a·gon \ˈper-ə-ˌgän, -gən, ˈpa-rə-\
a model of excellence or perfection

Join us as we uncover new possibilities and potentials, and redefine success. Learn from a select few paragons who have gone beyond the traditional notions of success and have made their businesses avenues for social change and national development. Expose yourself to different businesses with a common belief- to contribute to the betterment of society. Go Beyond with us in the Paragon Business Summit: Beyond Business.
When: April 16, 2016
Time: 9am-4pm
Where: Leong Hall Auditorium, Ateneo de Manila University

Tickets are available! Order yours here. For any concerns or inquiries, please contact; Katherine Tsang 0916-754-7884 or Bryant Lee 0917-677-9899

This event is open to the public.

 Poster by Kathleen Calasanz Cover picture by Ian Perez Logo by Coleen Young

Poster by Kathleen Calasanz
Cover picture by Ian Perez
Logo by Coleen Young

Latest Releases

Binondo Amazing Race 2016: The Experience

Binondo Amazing Race is a fun, historical and cultural experience. Each team gets to experience the rich Chinese culture all over Chinatown. They go through the old and modern places in Binondo and see how it has changed over the years. Teamwork is tested and strengthened. Most of all, teams get to experience unique adventures while having fun. Read more about it here.


Photoshop Workshop Series Photos

Click here to view the full album.


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Elements x CHInoyTV

Wanna be featured online in ChinoyTV? Give us a shout out in our weekly survey, and your response might be one of the chosen to be featured online next week! This week’s question is “What are your favorite lifehacks for surviving your Chinese classes?” Got any interesting lifehacks? Share yours here! Responses will be accepted until Wednesday, March 23; 11:59 PM.

Poster by Pau Era
Poster by Pau Era



Missed out on the first phase of Celadon shirts? We heard you! Celadon welcomes back its 30th Commemorative Shirt, the Golden Great Wall! Get yours now still at P250! But wait, there’s more! Can you feel the sizzling hot sun already? Cool down from the heat with Celadon’s Limited Edition Dri-fit Shirts! Order yours here!

For inquiries contact: Jan Kua 09178530724; Jannina Ong 09337008780; Licianne Go 09175232182


Tents for Rent

AtTENTion! Need tents for your event? No worries! We got the ones just for you!
Tents available:
Rent 1-5, get them for 250 each!
Rent 6-9, get them for 220 each!
Rent 1-3 for 220 each!
Rent all 12 tents for 200 each!

Tents for Rent
For inquiries, please contact: ALDWYN TAN 0917 561 0366


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