Manager Spark Series: A Statement by President Clarissa Chua

Manager Spark Series: A Statement by President Clarissa Chua

Hey there, Celadonean!

I’m glad that you’re taking your time to read this and I hope you finish this through and through!

Manager applications is here again and I’m going to share with you what kind of attitudes managers quit when they chose to be one. Hopefully, you too will leave these attitudes behind when you choose to be a manager!


1. Quit choosing the same

It is nice to stay in your comfort zone. It is where you feel safe, comfortable, and secure. It is where you won’t need feel the pressure or the stress, but a manager chooses to leave this zone. And, if you want to be a manager, you should too. Why? Because You are a manager who wants to bring crazy new ideas to the table. You want to shake things up, to try new things, to challenge yourself. You are not staying within your boundaries. Yes, it’s scary, but if it isn’t, what kind of change are you creating?

Being a manager is your chance to finally take a stand & speak out regarding our culture—to share who we are: the openness, sensitivity and family, and to break off of who we are not.


2. Quit being half-hearted

Being a manager involves blood, sweat and tears. It is hard, if not impossible, to make it through without giving your 101%. If you don’t, not only would you be aimlessly doing things if you don’t believe in the heart of what you do, but you would also be making it difficult for the team under your leadership. It does not end with you, so always remember what you’re doing this for. Always remember who you’re doing this for.


3. Quit trying to be someone else

Be you. The world imposes standards upon us and sometimes, it is difficult to not conform to them. But, being a manager, there is no need to force yourself to these standards, because Celadon values your uniqueness and thrives in diversity. You are always taking part in enriching the Chinese-Filipino culture. And the best that you can impart is the best version of you. This best version of yourself is the best kind of leader that you can be, because you know yourself best. So believe in yourself and just be you.


Written by Clarissa Chua.

Photography by Justin Ang and Robert Cuartero.

Here is the Celadon Manager Application Kit for A.Y 2017-2018:

The Executive Board are excited to work with you!

Deadline for Applications: June 25, 2017 11:59pm

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us through [email protected]

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