Know Your Celadoneans: Kimball Tan
Ateneo Celadon Executive Vice President: Kimball Tan

Know Your Celadoneans: Kimball Tan

Great leaders inspire. For 30 years, Ateneo Celadon has produced a string of great leaders, and this year’s batch is no different. Hence, we’ve decided to interview Celadon’s current executive board, so we can learn valuable insights from the very best of the organization!

Let’s meet the org’s Executive Vice-President (EVP), Kimball Tan!

What made you want to become a Celadon leader?

“Being a leader gives us a sense of purpose, wherein we believe we can do something more for an organization, and where we can be part of something more than ourselves. I chose Celadon because of the people in it. Each organization has a different working culture and Celadon just felt like home, given the similarities from high school.”

Summarize leadership in one sentence.

“Leadership is not only about delegating and overseeing tasks, but also being able to inspire others to step up their game.”

What was the biggest leap/risk that you’ve had to take as a leader?

“The biggest risk I’ve taken as a leader is running for EVP. The job description as EVP is very different from my previous position of Finance Officer, which is why it may be a challenge to adjust into this position. But through time I was able to handle well the adjustment and I believe that this position was the right one for me.”

Where do you see Celadon in 5 years?

“5 years from now, I believe Celadon will continue to grow as an organization in Ateneo. The projects may completely be different from what we have now, but the goal will still be the same: sharing the Chinese-Filipino culture and training future leaders for the organization.”

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