My Dear Members: A Letter from Outgoing President, EG Dizon

My dear members,
Our culture is as vibrant as ever. It is more alive than how it has been in the past years. The Executive Board and I believed that the core value we, as a Chinese-Filipino organization, have is our sense of family (家). As cliché as it may sound, it is in our unity and sense of community that we can be at our best as an organization. Because of this, our initial effort was to try our best in making sure that you guys would feel at home in Celadon. Our efforts were mostly geared towards helping you find your way and place in our organization.
After a while, we noticed that our culture of family (家) cannot be limited to our community alone; rather, it is something that we can share with people outside of our organization. We saw it fit therefore to also engage the outside community in the way that we treat you. To treat them with a sense of warmth, a sense of belonging, a sense of family. Realistically, we can only do so much as an Executive Board. Even with our managers, our reach would still be limited. That’s why we very much appreciate the effort that you guys have made in also doing your part in helping Celadon reach its goal. You guys are awesome!

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I would like to thank all of you for helping Celadon achieve its dream this year. Thank you for being a good friend to the people around you. Although the effort seems easy and perhaps even natural, its effects can be profound. Although we are still far from completely realizing this goal, we were able to start something good, one step at a time. I hope that all of you will continue to share this goal and become even more active in Celadon in the years to come. For if we ourselves are not united, how else can we be there for others?
It has been an honor serving you as your President. Now that my term has officially ended, I invite everyone to come back home to our organization. Know that you too play an important role in where the organization will be in the years to come. I invite everyone to support your new President Stephanie Sayson and her EB in creating an even better bonded and more solid organization. May the culture live on through each and every one of us!
Thank you.
EG Dizon
Ateneo Celadon 2015-2016
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