CelaWeek: Creating Traditions, Fostering Diversity

CelaWeek: Creating Traditions, Fostering Diversity

Written by Chelsea Domingo and Evonne Tan.      Edited by Matthew Yuching and Denise Joaquin.

Photo Header by Abigail Lee.

The second semester is fast approaching and something will be welcoming you as the year begins! A fun-filled, weeklong event that will showcase the treasures of Chinese culture – Celadon Week! In an effort to make sure that we do not forget the value of the Chinese-Filipino culture, Celadoneans have created this special event that will remind us of the importance of preserving old traditions as well as writing new history.  

Take a look at the photos from last year’s Celadon Week.

Celadon Week 2019 will take on a fun, party, carnival vibe which everyone can enjoy! With activities such as the Mahjong Tournament, Spicy Noodle Challenge, Minute to Win it, and Tea Pong, Celadon Week surely will not disappoint. Aside from the games that will take place, you can also look forward the different food booths that will definitely satisfy your Chinese food cravings.

Through events like Celadon Week, a medium for Ateneans to communicate in an environment that allows for the integration of the Chinese and the Filipino cultures is made possible. Thus, one can enjoy being part of a family that takes pride in encouraging a culture-sharing attitude to foster among its members as we immerse ourselves in the wonders of this unique culture. Through Celadon’s efforts, an avenue has been created for us to prove that indeed, there is strength in diversity.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us on the 21st of January up until the 25th as we celebrate this year’s Celadon Week! We hope to see you there!

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