A Series on Photoshop

A Series on Photoshop

Ateneo Celadon’s three-session Photoshop Workshop spanned from Sept. 24–26, 2014, alternating between SOM210 and B306. The speaker of the workshop, the Fine Arts Professor, Meneer Marcelo, lectured the participants on the basics of the software: from layering, to non-destructive editing, even digital painting.

The first part of the series on layering and blending featured comical face swapping to giddy up the participants into having fun with the program. Next, Prof. Meneer delved on non-destructive editing to teach the students an efficient method of manipulating the images without sacrificing the original work. The last session taught digital painting, where they used brushes extensively to paint on a cat template.

According to Ezra Young, one of the participants that completed all three sessions: “The best thing about the Photoshop Workshop is that it catered to people who had no experience in Photoshop. When I first heard about the [event], I immediately dismissed it as something for those who really considered themselves artists. Even though I don’t consider myself to be one of those people, I really wanted to learn the basics of Photoshop for, at least, some simple photo manipulation purposes. I was extremely pleased to learn later on that we didn’t need any experience at all with art or Photoshop to participate. Because of that, I was finally able to learn how to do things in Photoshop.”

The participants that completed the program found themselves proud in the end, like Ezra whom “always wanted to know how to [Photoshop] but never found the time or opportunity to study.”

Written by Joshua Cheng.

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