Documentation and Publications

The Documentation and Publications Department produces audio-visual and written documentation, and also develops publishing channels (i.e. monthly newsletters, online magazine, social media and website) that showcase audience-engaging content for the organization’s formation and cultural advocacies. It also provides training for the development of interested members’ skills.



DocPub Workshops

Every year, DocPub would hold at least one workshop to introduce the department to everyone who may be interested in it as well as to provide basic technical training to our potential DocPub staffers. Based on popular demands, the DocPub department may hold more than one workshop per year. All DocPub workshops will be made available to all Celadon members even if they’re not from the DocPub department.          

Elements Online

Elements is Ateneo Celadon’s online publication which is handled by the Documentation and Publications department. Elements online releases lifestyle related content ranging from articles and videos that tackle Chinese-Filipino culture and socially relevant issues. 

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